Everyone wants the perfect wedding venue. As a photographer I am looking for lots of natural light. But as a couple you have loads more to think about. Location, price, food, entertainment options, capacity, and the list goes on. Even if all of these work, is it even available on your date? It’s a tough choice, I don’t envy you at all.

If the ceremony itself isn’t going to be outside, I love having some outdoor photo options. These don’t have to be fancy, they can be a busy street, a colorful building, or a quiet corner away from the crowds. In fact, those real-life spots give the photograph a cool geographical element, which is often lacking in generically staged photos.

The single most important factor to great photographs is you. If you are having a great time, are relaxed, and relatively stress free it really doesn’t matter where you are. After shooting weddings for the past 20 years these are some venues in and around Atlanta that give plenty of creative options. All of the weddings I have shot at these locations have been a blast. They have great photo...


Following are some of the more common questions I hear about family sessions.

Q. When is the best time to photograph our newborn?

A. As soon as possible. They'll never look that "new" again so don't miss it. You can always reshoot later but you can't go back in time. I often come to the hospital to shoot a newborn just a couple of days old.

Q. What should we wear for a family photo shoot?

A. Whatever you want, let the kids wear what makes them feel comfortable, same for you. A few things to avoid, though, are patterns, stripes and logos. Plain colors always look best. Feel free to look as coordinated, or not, as you wish. The pictures should be about you and how you interact with each other, not about the clothing. The one shot that is most important to you, dress for that. If we still have the attention of the little ones we can shoot more clothing and/or location options. For teens, good luck, just whatever will get them in front of the camera. If you want to bring...


The following are the most common questions I get from clients when planning photographs for their wedding. Over the coming months I will delve into some of these topics in more detail as each of them could be a blog post all on their own.

Q. Can you shoot on film, and why would you?

A. Yes, the reason is quality. As a professional photographer it’s my job to give you the best-finished product I can and with black & white in particular you can’t beat a hand print from an old fashioned negative. That doesn’t mean that I can’t get most of the benefits of digital technology. After being processed each film is then scanned, which means the images can go online and if necessary corrections can be made. Photography, as with any art form, is not about the fancy equipment -- what matters is how it’s used.

Q. How long does the photographer usually stay at the wedding?

A. The majority of weddings I shoot have me stay until the bride & groom leave which...


I challenge you enter into this black box only to be yourself and theatrical at the same time. This unique approach is all about you, the subject, and what you bring the lens. Being constricted in your movable space creates unusual postures which is visually appealing.

Its great to include at your next Party or social gathering. Your guests will enjoy entering and exiting this apparatus as they please, with the photographer there to capture. I included it in a wedding package and the entire guest-book could not get enough of the black box. Even while I was breaking it down, I still had some guests trying to jump in for one more frame.


Those nice people at The Atlantan heard about my Black Box version of the wedding reception photo booth and featured it in the “now!” section of their Brides fall/winter 2011 magazine. Thanks again to Leisa & Steven and Molly & Andrew for having the foresight to have it be part of their receptions. Also a thanks to Marquin & George as well as Rebecca & Benji for a perfect shooting experience.