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FAQ - Family Sessions

Following are some of the more common questions I hear about family sessions.

Q. When is the best time to photograph our newborn?

A. As soon as possible. They'll never look that "new" again so don't miss it. You can always reshoot later but you can't go back in time. I often come to the hospital to shoot a newborn just a couple of days old.

Q. What should we wear for a family photo shoot?

A. Whatever you want, let the kids wear what makes them feel comfortable, same for you. A few things to avoid, though, are patterns, stripes and logos. Plain colors always look best. Feel free to look as coordinated, or not, as you wish. The pictures should be about you and how you interact with each other, not about the clothing. The one shot that is most important to you, dress for that. If we still have the attention of the little ones we can shoot more clothing and/or location options. For teens, good luck, just whatever will get them in front of the camera. If you want to bring props that relate to the kid’s passion, that would be great.

Q. How long will our photo session take?

A. You never know quite what you are going to get from your children, same applies to a photo session. I'll know when I've got what I need and just as importantly, when the kids are done. If all goes well, an hour will be plenty. However, if snacks, drink breaks and numerous family combinations are necessary it may take longer.

Q. Where should we take the pictures?

A. As I like to make the pictures about family, I tend to crop out the background as much as possible, so good light and happy children are more important than a pretty backdrop. There is no point shooting in a field of daffodils if all of the children are crying or angry. I am perfectly happy making it work at your home but there are plenty of trendy urban possibilities around town, as well as wooded glades, rolling lawns, and everything in between.

Q. What time of day provides the best photos?

A. The crack of dawn or dusk are best. But we all know how children are as the sun goes down. Obviously I will work around naps or feedings for the little ones, but mornings tend to work best. The best weather is actually overcast.