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High School Seniors

This might be the last chance you get to have your children pose for pictures. But I must warn you, I will photograph them as I see them!


School Photos

I pride myself in capturing the essence of mischief or innocence of each kid in the class. We keep it fun and capture a priceless photo in the process.

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Professional Headshots

Is your LinkedIn profile picture still a cropped photo of a college night out? Let me bring your professional image up to date and reflect a modern image of yourself.

What is it going to cost, what am I going to get?

There are going to be variables, like location and number of family members. Typically a weekday shoot would be $175 and a weekend shoot $225.

This fee includes the shooting time and an online gallery. You get 20% off all print and digital orders placed within one week of the gallery posting.

A deposit of $100 is due when the shoot is booked. You can expect to see the images within seven days of shooting.

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telaid_feb_2016 884_preview.jpeg
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haldo_ej_9_2015_ 055_preview.jpeg
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