Wedding of Chloé and Noele

I was a little surprised when I first met Chloé and Noele because my dyslexic brain had misread our email exchange and I was expecting Chloé and Noel. I don’t think they realized my surprise, we got on famously and in no time we were finalizing the arrangements for me to be the photographer at their wedding.

During our conversation they mentioned their cats, four of them, all rescues. So instead of starting the shoot at the hair salon, I came to their home and photographed their four legged family members. It’s these unique aspects of each couple that I feel are central to making the pictures their own.

Chloé was a grinning fool throughout, but Noele really does not like having her picture taken. But, thanks to the Manhattans they served at the reception, Noele soon added to the feline theme with her Cheshire cat grin and her obvious joy and happiness overcame any reservations. In no time they were both hamming it up for camera.

It was a fairly small wedding with around 45 guests but it was perfect for the Mary Gay House. The musician was low-key but exceptional, the food was really tasty, and overall everything gelled together perfectly. The cherry on top was the couple's unapologetic happiness.




chloe_noelle_mar18 463_preview.jpeg
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